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2019 Programme coming soon

The programme for The Loyalty Surgery 2019, to be held at 1, America Square, London, on October 16&17 will be coming soon. Day One will focus on loyalty marketing, emotional loyalty and customer learnings and research. Day 2 will continue this theme, but with the addition of technology innovations,  blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence) and the role innovation is playing in Loyalty, plus discussion about geographical trends, generational differences and a deep dive into how loyalty is developing in different sectors.

This is a very special, and highly unique opportunity to focus on customer loyalty from every angle.

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Loyalty Surgery - 20th June 2018 - Programme

09:00  |   Registration opens (refreshments available)

10:00  |   Welcome address: Annich McIntosh || Editor, Loyalty Magazine

10:10  |   Keynote || Bryan Pearson, President & CEO LoyaltyOne || Setting the agenda for the Loyalty Surgery - The Future of Loyalty

Join LoyaltyOne CEO, visionary and myth-buster Bryan Pearson as he speaks to “loyalty on the move”. Bryan shares his perspective on 5 key focus areas that retailers must address in the face of  the perfect storm of data regulation, technology disruption and experience re-invention impacting the loyalty landscape:

  • The exponential power of more data
  • New loyalty frontiers bringing buyers and sellers together
  • Blockchain: loyalty disruptor or hype machine?
  • Data revolution and customer control
  • The new wave of CX innovation

10:40  |   Case study || Raymond Rewards || Using lifestyle for loyalty -  Why we won in 2017 - Uma Talreja, Chief Digital Officer, Raymond, with Nishad Ramachandran, Senior VP, of Hansa Cequity Solutions, India.

11:00  |   Loyalty problems & fixes || 

  • SIX propositions from Loyalty experts who will be hosting round-table problem-solving discussions after lunch.
    Fast & effective 'TED style' 10 minute presentations from HTK, Ketchup, TLC Marketing, Sagarmatha, MotivForce & LoyaltyOne. They will address the following issues: 
  • "Harnessing the power of influence: How to grow the value of your top advocates" - Julian Bonnett, HTK
  • ‘What If Steve Jobs Could Create a Loyalty Program’ - Yalcin Onur, Ketchup Loyalty
  • Emotional Engagement the Cornerstone of Loyalty - Mike Brinn, TLC Marketing
  • The NEW math of personalisation - Chen Katz, Sagarmatha
  • Future-Proofing Your Loyalty Programme - Caroline Papadatos, LoyaltyOne
  • Motivation Tactics for B2B loyalty - David Cox, Motivforce

12:00  |   Panel || Industry experts discuss the problems they are being asked to fix including Stelios Mantas -  National Bank of Greece, Philip Hedges, The Entertainer Business, Crispin Rogers - For Good Causes

12:20  |   Research || YouGov || What the British think about Loyalty -  Matthew James, Account Director - Consumer and Retail, YouGov reports on what 250,000 people said about 3,000 loyalty programmes

12:40  |   In conversation || Tim Mason, CEO, Eagle Eye and formerly of Tesco - Supermarkets, data analytics, FMCG and the importance of personalisation

13.00  |  Lunch Opportunity to take a stroll around the Tower, or a conducted tour (1 pm for one hour)

14:10  |   Round-table workshops - your chance to take part in THREE of the workshops run by our TED speakers

15:10  |   Panel || Reports from the workshop leaders in sound-bytes

15:20  |   Coffee break

15:30  |   Case study || MySchool My Village MyPlanet - Presentation by Pieter Twine, General Manager
Loyalty & MySchool Woolworths, South Africa on what makes a serial winner || Why we won

15:50  |   Judges panel || What makes a winner - Paula Thomas, Cecilia Floridi, Brian Almeida 

16:10  |   Blockchain Loyalty - Stuart Evans will talk about Loyyal's blockchain loyalty initiative in Dubai and other blockchain loyalty programmes & explain the importance of the technology

16:30  |   Mobile + Social ||Mark Palmer, Maverick Planet

16:50  |   Wrapping up || Trends from the Loyalty Awards 2018 and what we expect for 2019 - Peter Wray

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