The Loyalty Surgery 2019 Programme

 Day 1  October 16th – Emotional engagement

08:30 | Registration opens (refreshments available)

09.30 | Welcome address || Annich McIntosh | Editor, Loyalty Magazine

09.45 | Keynote || Setting the agenda for the Loyalty Surgery – Loyalty in Transition | The paradigm shift: from transactional to emotional loyalty|New agendas, new loyalty frontiers, new challenges, new opportunities. What is technology making possible?
Ties Top, CEO, m—wise

Questions and discussion

10.30 | Case study || Why Virgin is trying to be more loyal – Michael Buffham-Wade, Director of Experience, Virgin Group

11.00 Refreshment break

11.30 | Is it still about the data? || Pavel Los, head of Loyalty for Shell Worldwide

12.30 Lunch

13.30 |  Industry experts discuss the problems they are being asked to fix – Listen to 10 minute TED-style talks from experts in Loyalty | Join Brierley+Partners Europe, Cheetah Digital, Motif, m-wise, The Entertainer Business and The Loyalty Company presenting their company propositions

14.30 | Round-table workshops || Take part in two workshops – choose from the TED speakers || Reports from the Workship leaders in soundbytes

15.40 Refreshment break

16.00 | Segment of One – Building relationships with Millennials in a Digital & Data World || Brian Almeida

16.30 | Drilling down to the big subjects – including eco-loyalty, sustainability, health and wellness and focussing on what matters to the customer – and what they want | Crispin Rogers, CEO, For Good Causes

16.50 | or – which is winning and why? with Iain Pringle, former head of strategy for Avios and Partner, New World Loyalty

17.20 | Close of Day One of the Loyalty Surgery

Join us to unwind with drinks in the refreshment area

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The Loyalty Surgery Day 2, October 17th – Solutions to solve the problems

08:30 | Registration opens (refreshments available)

09.30 | Welcome address || Annich McIntosh | Editor, Loyalty Magazine

09.40 | Keynote:|| Using the technology tools that are available to do great things in Loyalty – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) Robotics, Algorithms, Blockchain, Big Data – Greg Land, Global Industry Leader – Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Related Services, IBM Travel & Transportation Global Team

10.10 | CASE STUDY – AS Roma’s Unico Grande Amore programme, which won THREE Loyalty Magazine Awards in 2019. Laura Cagnacci of digital loyalty company Advice Group will be explaining how this innovative customer engagement project has completely disrupted the sport industry – by engaging with not just one fan, but with the whole family.

10.50 | Refreshment break

11.10 | Banks from Mars & Retailers from Venus? Will new Open Banking rules bring financial services firms and merchants together, and if so how? Mark Beresford, director at Edgar, Dunn & Company

11.40 | Panel – Payments & Loyalty – Why has Loyalty moved up the agenda again for Financial Services firms? Why are new Open Banking rules an opportunity for all businesses to connect with the customer? David Parker in discussion with Alan Walsh (Bud), Mark O’Keefe (Optima) and Michael Padmanathan

12.30 | Lunch

13.40 | Saving the High Street: Does technology provide the answers? Panellists include Animesh Ghosh, CEO, Kornchain, Chris Ford, Hawk Incentives, Don Smith, Brierley + Partners – with participation from the audience including challenges, questions and points of view

14.40 Case Study || Rob Chandler, head of Loyalty, Customer Team for Sky –  Why the SKY VIP programme won Best New Loyalty Launch of 2018 and what has happened since?

15.20 Refreshment break

15.40| Mobile : Social – How much further to go before we have a seamless interaction with the customer? Mark Palmer, Maverick Planet

16.20 | Judges Panel – Overview of Winners 2019 & tips for future entrants

16.40 Fraud & Loyalty – How big is the problem of the Dark Web? Michael Smith, Co-Founder, Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association

17.20 Conference summing-up – Crispin Rogers

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Loyalty In Transition 2019

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