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About LoyaltyOne

LoyaltyOne is a global leader in the design and implementation of coalition loyalty programs, customer analytics, and loyalty services for Fortune 1000 clients around the world. LoyaltyOne has over 25 years of history leveraging data-driven insights to develop and operate some of the world's most effective loyalty programs and customer-centric solutions. These include the AIR MILES Reward Program, North America's premier coalition loyalty program, Precima, the global retail strategy and analytics arm, LoyaltyOne Global Solutions, Netherlands-based BrandLoyalty, and a working partnership with Latin America's leading coalition program, dotz. LoyaltyOne is an Alliance Data company.

The Entertainer Business

The ENTERTAINER business is a global rewards & engagement solutions provider. We create easy-to-use, cost effective mobile app platforms that help connect businesses with their customers and/or employees. Out customisable solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of any business, regardless of size or industry.


Through our digitsed platforms clients can access a host of features and benefits including direct communications channels, gamification and engagement, loyalty integration and data analytics that generate meaningful insights to drive strategy.


In addition to technology platforms, The ENTERTAINER delivers lifestyle content that drives user engagement through instant rewards that create relevant everyday savings. Whether is our 10,000 global merchants providing buy one get one free offers over a range of categories, our destination guides in over 160 locations, access to over 50,000 tours and attractions worldwide or the ability to book over 550,000 worldwide hotels, The ENTERTAINER portfolio can be customised and tiered to drive and incentivize engagement and be measured to track against any business or loyalty programme KPI.


Headquartered in Dubai and with 15 offices around the world including London, Johannesburg and Singapore, The ENTERTAINER offers global reach with local expertise.


For more information on how The ENTERTAINER business can transform or enhance your loyalty and rewards  initiatives, contact PHILIP HEDGES, Global Head of Loyalty at loyalty@theentertainerme,com for more

Speaker Sponsors

About Sagarmatha


The need and market opportunity - Retailers and CPG manufacturers lose track of their shoppers in their complex trek (or journey): shoppers are impatient, are constantly bombarded with competing content, and spread their purchases across more stores (online & offline) than ever. They need to continuously invent new ways to rise above the crowd, to engage their shoppers and grow their bottom line. It can feel like an endless climb, with new hardships continuously arising.

Our solution - Sagarmatha provides a personalization marketing hub. We analyze the massive amounts of shopper purchase data from the retailers & match the right offer to the right shopper in the right channel (i.e. mobile, email, DM, web, in store…). We help retailers and CPG manufacturers improve their results (increase sales, increase basket size, share of wallet). We enable retailers to collaborate with suppliers on specific campaigns, and provide tactical results to both the retailers & suppliers. Our self-service portal for campaign management & analytics create a common language in this collaboration. Our AI and machine learning based technologies with our SaaS solution and highly experienced professional services act as an extension of your team for both tactical & strategic planning & execution


Track record of providing meaningful results for our customers - Sagarmatha has over 15 years of experience working with top retailers in North America, Europe, Africa and Israel. We are measured daily by immediate increase of basket / margin / frequency and also on the long term effect of our services.
Sagarmatha empowers retailers and suppliers to get shopper insights. Providing personalization and optimization under different constrains.

In the new world of Amazon Go, where retailers are constantly seeking how to get the most out of their shopper data, Sagarmatha empowers retailers and suppliers to act on shopper insights. This is being done with state of the art machine learning predictive algorithms. The results then are clear to measure: 7% sales lift, 7% margin lift, 4.5% increased frequency….

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About TLC Marketing Worldwide

TLC Marketing are global leaders in the creation and delivery of award winning loyalty programmes that drive customer acquisition, retention, and brand engagement. We influence consumer behaviour through a triple-barrelled approach of creativity, targeted rewards and bespoke technology. These three components combine to communicate the big idea, creating brand advocates and nurturing that rare thing; brand love.


We have offices in 14 countries and run loyalty programmes for Bupa, Electric Ireland, American Family Insurance, Fastweb and Applegreen to name a



About HTK Loyalty

At HTK, we help businesses break free from run-of-the-mill loyalty programs and build better customer relationships, using the Horizon Loyalty Hub. Our cloud-based platform is designed to increase retention, advocacy and sales, by delivering exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.

 Horizon delivers deep customer insight, advanced personalization and unbeatable flexibility. This helps marketers understand, nurture and reward their best customers to grow profitable, emotional loyalty that goes beyond transactions.

 HTK's team of expert marketers and developers are continuously innovating and experimenting, to keep Horizon at the forefront of loyalty marketing tech. We help clients stay ahead of the competition, through highly engaging customer experiences that drive true loyalty and yield significant, sustainable ROI.


About Ketchup Loyalty Marketing

Headquartered in Istanbul, Ketchup Loyalty Marketing is a pioneer in loyalty management & consultancy, creating and conducting end-to-end loyalty programs to target, engage, reward and retain customers for clients in Turkey & Europe.

With more than 80 employees in Istanbul, London and Kiev, Ketchup has designed and managed many different loyalty programs for a wide range of global clients so far. Under the leadership of a seasoned team, it solely focuses on engaging and retaining your customers while intending to bring a unique point of view to your marketing strategies with our strong expertise in loyalty.

Ketchup has proved its speciality by receiving the most prestigious loyalty awards with the unique programs it has created. It has won more than 50 globally recognized awards including the “Best Loyalty Program of the Year”, “Best New Loyalty Program of the Year” and “Best Customer Engagement”. It is also a distinguished member of the loyalty and customer management community, being a member of Loyalty360 (USA) and featured in Vendor Landscape Report by Forrester as one of the key providers in the world. Ketchup keeps investing in loyalty related technology and digital media firms in order to broaden its services around the globe.


About Motivforce Loyalty & Incentives

Motivforce is a boutique global agency at the forefront of B2B loyalty marketing.  Our dedicated team of practitioners are leaders in program management, dynamic delivery, creative design, communications, rewards fulfilment and incentive travel. We can manage your entire rewards program, or just one specific component.  Only a handful of people in the world have a PhD in Loyalty Marketing – and three of them work for us. As a result, we combine unrivalled PhD level research, insight and behavioural analytics with our program design, proprietary e-learning tools, imaginative tactical sales incentives, IT solutions and multi-lingual communications to deliver impressive results for our clients.