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ABOUT m-wise

m—wise is a data-driven marketing agency specialising in loyalty and marketing automation. We provide cloud-based loyalty solutions and professional services to help companies grow their business. Our headquarters is in Amsterdam with sales offices in London and New York.

Founded in 2000, m—wise was one of the first agencies in the Netherlands to unite loyalty and marketing automation. Almost 20 years later, we’re international loyalty specialists known for creating omni-channel loyalty programs and engaging customer experiences worldwide.

We believe true loyalty will be unlocked by embracing your brand ambassadors and by rewarding omni-channel engagement with your company. Consequently, you will gain a deeper understanding of your customers and of the decisions they make every day.

We help you use this information to optimise your customer journey and create an intimate dialogue with your customers – all with the goal of making your brand their absolute favourite.

We have a proven record in loyalty with clients served throughout Europe, US, Canada, Africa, Asia and South America. Each year, we engage 45 million customers and stimulate 3 billion omni-channel activities.

We've worked with the best like ExxonMobil (Esso), Tommy Hilfiger, AkzoNobel, T-Mobile, La Place and VF Corporation to name just a few.

Our trusted approach drives industry-leading loyalty. From concept to launch, we work with you to build a bespoke, omni-channel program. We commit to creating truly engaging customer experiences that build an intimate dialogue with your brand.

This omni-channel approach enables you to engage and reward across any channel for any activity. It could be a transaction, click, like, referral, store walk-in, swipe, even augmented reality – you name it. Personalised rewards that surprise and delight create astronger emotional connection with your brand.

m—wise uses customer data to segment, personalise and differentiate. This way your program remains valuable and relevant to each customer. We measure performance and optimise throughout to guide you towards a more profitable, long-term relationship with your customers.

We want to make it easier for companies to create and manage effective, omni-channel loyalty programs. That's why we developed m—wise Loyalty Cloud, a one-stop loyalty solution that allows you to engage and reward customers at the right time and on the right channel.

m—wise is also a certified Salesforce implementation partner. We're proud to offer a seamless integration between m—wise Loyalty Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to power the most engaging, effective loyalty programs imaginable. Our loyalty solutions are cloud-based and customisable. Creating a program that fits your brand's wants and needs has never been easier.

Our unique combination of innovative solutions, technical expertise and trusted approach makes m—wise the choice of leading brands.


The Entertainer Business

About The ENTERTAINER business

The ENTERTAINER business is a global rewards & engagement solutions provider. We create easy-to-use, cost effective mobile app platforms that help connect businesses with their customers and/or employees. Out customisable solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of any business, regardless of size or industry.

Through our digitsed platforms clients can access a host of features and benefits including direct communications channels, gamification and engagement, loyalty integration and data analytics that generate meaningful insights to drive strategy.

In addition to technology platforms, The ENTERTAINER delivers lifestyle content that drives user engagement through instant rewards that create relevant everyday savings. Whether is our 10,000 global merchants providing buy one get one free offers over a range of categories, our destination guides in over 160 locations, access to over 50,000 tours and attractions worldwide or the ability to book over 550,000 worldwide hotels, The ENTERTAINER portfolio can be customised and tiered to drive and incentivize engagement and be measured to track against any business or loyalty programme KPI.

Headquartered in Dubai and with 15 offices around the world including London, Johannesburg and Singapore, The ENTERTAINER offers global reach with local expertise.

For more information on how The ENTERTAINER business can transform or enhance your loyalty and rewards  initiatives, contact PHILIP HEDGES, Global Head of Loyalty at

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